Introduce Myself

To whom wants to know me

hi, there

I'm just a common guy you could pass by and never meet again.

You can call me yuxin or o1chi as you like, both the nicknames of mine.

I live near a lake, the same name as the town. I feel satisfied here, although part of myself wish I could go outside to explore the world.

Now, I am waiting for the result of the postgraduate test.

I desire to enjoy the arts, like novels, movies, games, in their original languages. So learning these languages becomes a life course for me.

I am still looking for two things, one is my girl, the other is the career I'll live for. The rest of my current life seems no matter.

A blog system tool named Miyano for Bear App is my first work, you can check it on Github.

I am a little fan of ACGN and Porn.

Send private message to me (@o1chi) at Telegram.

Play with me (ID: WUUSN) at Steam.

Let's have fun!